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Doll Collector: *goes to stand at the end of the curb*
Doll Collector: *holds out mug*
Doll Collector: Spare some change, I'm trying to get these SDCC exclusives this year.


I found the new Ever After High looking Barbie and was able to body swap her with a Jakks Pacific tinker bell that I bought a while ago for when she showed up. Tinker bell is less expensive here then a Madeline Hatter (who’s body works really well for this doll too), so I wanted to try her before buying another Maddie.

I took some comparison pictures, and I think she looks pretty good! Her head fits super well, it can turn and tilt just as well as before. The outfit is only a tiny bit too small in the bust but it still fits well. Her feet are smaller then her original body’s but they’re similar shapes so they still fit, just a bit loose. Tinker bell doesn’t look as good though, and her head flops a lot.

I actually love this face sculpt, better then the Ever After High ones really. This character is suppose to be the villain but she has such sweet eyes. I hope Mattel uses it again and we get different skin tones and hair colours.

Today I went to Target and they had the wolf sisters two pack on sale for $14 and something! Too bad they were none left :(


WiP-Time again! Thanks to the wonderful adragonstale I was able to work on Púca again (he gave me the fur I needed). I did the Hooves today and I am quite happy how they turned out <3


Looking at your collection and wondering how much you’ve spent.


WIP ~ Shoes making for Monster High! 

Outer sole made of ceramic (pretty strong tho and light.)

Anonymous said: Thank you.

For what anon?