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Monster Maker - SDCC Reveal (x)

Cool, but seriously no mouth forms again? No thanks.


The down side of moving, I have to pack up my 20-uh…250- ummm…300? Or more?- Monster High dolls.

Jesus fucking Christ. Why did I buy so many.

Why did I buy five more today and debox them? I knew I was going to have to pack them away…

Will you be moving them by using moving trucks?


The beauty of being on the island! They’re basically 50% off, and they had Scaris, 13 Wishes, Picture Day, and a few more!

Gah so lucky. I can only dream of sales like these in my area


It’s been awhile since my last blank post. Today I will be sharing the Freaky Fusion girls, Dracubecca, Lagoonafire, and Clawvenus.

I have seen a lot of comments that these characters simply look like Draculaura, Lagoona, and Clawdeen. And when I purchased them myself, it seemed to be the case, with Lagoonafire at least. Removing their face-ups it couldn’t be further from the truth!

Again, the face paint hides the sculpts, and with it removed you can see how the features of each character balance out. Lagoonas features are combined Jinafires lips, her eye crease…
Clawdeen merges with Venus, blending their skin tones, as well as their noses and eye shapes… Draculaura and Robeccas eyes are also seem least blended.

These dolls really are half and half.
I will share Cleolei as soon as I get my hands on her.


Seriously Target, you suck.



Seriously Target, you suck.



Someone asked me to take more pictures of Miss Kitty White and I realized in all the PUDDLE hubub that I never posted a lot of the ones I already took! So here’s Miss Kitty, who was massively resculpted from a horribly damaged head

She is also for sale in my Etsy Shop

Sorry I’ve been kinda dead lately guys, I have no explanation. I highly doubt anyone noticed I was gone, but it’s all good.



Skeleton Boy

*internal screaming*

This is great! They are cute! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


What my house looks like.


What my house looks like.